The Medienhaus Brüssel (Brussels Media House) is the only German-language institute that covers the entire bandwidth of media-supported consulting and services. Through our presence we enable the strategic and efficient appearance in the complex Brussels media market.

We find the proper channels for customers’ interests and know what is “state of the art”. No matter if it’s regarding publishing in print, via website, newsletters, or social media. We are multilingual and cover all social, cultural and target groups, just like Brussels itself.

With our partner INSA Consulere we offer a wide range of services of market and social research. In doing so, we offer all services of empirical research and carry them out ourselves. Quantitative surveys are the basis of studies that form the basis for the development of a strategy and its implementation. In the process, backgrounds and complex relationships become clear.

We put our customers in the right light and raise their profile. To do so, we work on their communication skills with presentation and media training and develop them further. We have a multilingual team of speechwriters and ghostwriters.

For our customers, we realize the editorial and cinematic production of image videos, regular TV magazines, radio contributions and moving image and audio clips.

Public affairs is the management of decision-making and communication processes in the political and social environment. Our strategic advice supports the interest-driven implementation of our clients’ goals. Communication with media representatives is just as important as communication with political stakeholders. Sales-supporting, product-related measures are also implemented through advice, marketing and product placement.

We understand and create merchandising as communication tools for the broad distribution of messages.