Everything you need to know about Monaco today is reported by the Monaco ticker. The Côte d’Azur is not only one of the most beautiful regions in the world, the economic, cultural and social ties to German-speaking countries of Europe are particularly close.

Monaco and the southern French countryside are known for a polyglot, cosmopolitan and open-minded lifestyle. People speak French and Italian in their day-to-day lives and at work, as well as many other languages, the German language being an essential economic factor.

logo-monacotickerFor people interested in the region who communicate in German, monacoticker will be an indispensable source of news in the future. Curated and aggregated information from Monaco, Nice and the surrounding area provide daily insight into the life of the Principality. Economy, culture, politics, sports, relations with Europe and the Prince’s Palace: no aspect is left out. The editors of monacoticker evaluate agency reports, newspaper and TV news on a daily basis to give readers a comprehensive picture of the modern, powerful and beautiful Monaco.

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